The landscape of clinical development is continually evolving, but the end goal of trial design hasn’t changed. As a global CRO, our priority is to quickly and safely bring better solutions to market. Today, we have the resources to do just that.

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Our Predictivv™ suite contains an interconnected web of purpose-built technologies designed to solve any challenge you encounter within your customized solutions. We built Predictivv™ around a unified, analytical engine to support the complexity of adaptive protocol designs, adaptive trial management, patient-centric recruitment strategies, and risk-based monitoring. Predictivv™ seamlessly creates greater efficiencies while also providing real transparency into the overall processes and status of any study in your portfolio.

Providing the clarity and transparency needed to execute your studies successfully

From recruitment forecasts to progress reports, our Predictivv™ platform ensures you have visibility into all aspects of the drug development process.

Predictivv™ Site Recruitment Months looks at initially assumed and anticipated fluctuations of enrollment rates throughout the enrollment period, as well as the actual recruitment data to date to provide an ongoing forecast of patient recruitment. It also takes into account the projected range of site activation dates and immediate projections received from the site to calculate the adjusted, anticipated enrollment rate with confidence.

Predictivv™ Connect offers a dynamic view into your portfolio of studies, including the progress of each project and communication with our project team. It also gives sponsors the ability to drill into functional details associated with each project or their portfolio at large.

Eliminating recruitment obstacles before they occur

Predictivv™ Early Warning Detection provides a range of site activation and patient recruitment scenarios using a unique algorithm and real-time visibility into the progress and future projections of site activation and patient enrollment. Explore tradeoffs between time and number of sites to achieve your desired targets or utilize the interactive interface to assess interim site activation and patient enrollment goals.

Leveraging our ecosystem of interconnected solutions to drive drug development forward

There was a time when any significant course correction in a clinical trial meant going back to the drawing board. That time is over.

Our Predictivv™ platform adapts and evolves to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing clinical landscape. From data management and regulatory support to investigator recruitment and on-time study startups, we’ve got you covered. Predictivv™ offers a variety of applications to not only make drug development more efficient, but also more effective.

  • Business Development and Proposals

    Lead development of proposals and generate a proposal response that follows plan generation, resource demand, and financial forecasting

  • Data Management

    Plan and track data management services across all projects to gain visibility and ensure timely deliverables

  • Medical Affairs and Safety

    Plan and track medical affairs and safety services across all projects to gain visibility and ensure timely deliverables

  • Study and Protocol Optimization

    Explore the implications of a protocol and study design to optimize the probability of success for a given project and study drug

  • Regulatory Affairs

    Plan and track regulatory affairs services across all projects to ensure country-specific regulations are met and managed as regulations change and evolve

  • Investigator Recruitment

    Select investigators that will maximize the potential to meet enrollment rates and obtain quality patient data

  • Revenue and Resource Management

    Accurately plan and predict the revenue and resource demand both at a project level and corporate level to maximize meeting contractual deliverables and profitability

  • Study Startup

    Plan, track, and change management capabilities to ensure study startup occurs on schedule while giving teams the visibility and decision support to start sites as quickly as possible

  • Client Engagement

    Gain transparency, engagement, collaboration, and dynamic visibility into your portfolio throughout the life cycle of your projects

  • Project Management

    Plan, track, and proactively manage projects or portfolios with greater transparency while ensuring focus is on the most critical risk areas

  • Site Engagement

    Provide sites with a minimal number of applications which enables easy and efficient trial participation

  • Monitoring

    Plan, predict, and manage monitoring sites while leveraging an adaptive monitoring methodology, an adaptive monitoring plan, and an integrated overall project plan

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