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We take a proactive, holistic, and consultative approach to understand your product, goals, and the myriad of variables between where you are and where you want to be.

In today’s increasingly complex world of drug development, we’re moving beyond the traditional phased approach of shepherding a product from concept to compound to cure. We harness a vast array of capabilities and services, all under the unified strategy of our drug development experts, to custom-build and deliver a solution that maximizes your chance at success.

Long story short: the best way to get started is to have a conversation with us. Help us understand the question you’re trying to solve, and we’ll take it from there.

Integrated Drug Development Solutions

Over the last 40 years, we’ve built up our world-class ecosystem of expertise and capabilities to offer you an end-to-end solution to get your product from concept to compound to cure. We’ve seen—and done—it all. We’ve earned the knowledge that empowers us to proactively prevent common challenges and unexpected hurdles that could get in-between you and successful outcomes. No matter where you are in your product lifecycle, our Integrated Drug Development Solutions will partner with you to safely and effectively guide you to success.

Embedded Solutions

Our Embedded Solutions™ model is the most transparent, integrated, and client-centric solution in the industry. As industry pioneers and consultative experts, we provide the strategic guidance and confidential input needed to solve your specific drug development and resourcing challenges. Our therapeutic and operational experts are fully integrated into your existing operating model and culture while you maintain full strategic control of the development process. This helps eliminate the cumbersome and costly inefficiencies associated with internal drug development teams and the traditional CRO model.

Biometrics Solutions

We are a dynamic team of experts in drug research that deliver unique, customized solutions for your specific needs.
Biometrics forms a centralized, global model that integrates Portfolio Management, Biostatistics & Programming, Data Operations, and Medical Writing & Publishing.

Our Biometrics organization starts with the end in mind, tracking backward along the regulatory pathway to ensure the data are reported, displayed and captured in the most appropriate manner.

You have challenges. We have solutions.

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